Deadbolt EP

by Reward

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Recorded at Cellor Audio in august of 2012


released September 19, 2012

Record/Mixed/Produced at Cellar Audio with Jack McCarthy



all rights reserved


Reward Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Deadbolt
Don't pull this on me again,

Now that you realize your mindset isn't being friends.

I thought you'd know better by now.

You just can't expect for things to go,

Your way on top of all the bullshit that you say,

That you say.

Your locks are pointless,

If your doors are weak.

By the way your breaking it seems,

You'll soon understand the concept of defeat.

Your wall of expectations is falling down.

That and your broken dreams make a perfect couple on the ground.

One can only take so much,

Until the frustration just keeps building up.

I'd really like to know what,

Pushes you to break me,

Or the thoughts that your thinking.

But I guess it's better off if I,

Never find out why.

I hope I never find out.

So when we're older,

And you realize this was all a big mistake,

I'm not giving you a break.
Track Name: Self-Explanatory
This act has gone on for far to long so move on.

Cause I'm here and I'm calling your bluff.

Your wasting your time on basless accusations.

Making a fool of yourself in the name of social progress.

Did you know,

Your the biggest joke to try to bring us down.

Look at you, thinking your safe.

Won't give up, Won't give in.

Don't know where to begin.

Your stories are getting older.

I'm still waiting for the time when you turn your back on me.

Turn your back on me.

You won't compromise,

Well I won't listen.

Just quit your constant bitching.

I've overcome your sense of superiority,

Just wait and see.

My comeback is on the way.

Your two face words mean nothing to me.

It took the past four years for me too see.

Between the bullshit,

And your lies.

This is where i draw the line.

Your two faced words mean nothing to me.
Track Name: Pick Me Apart
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.

It's the littlest things you thought I,

Didn't notice.

Well I did and now it,

All, finally makes sense.

The fights, the awkwardness,

The stutter in your voice,

And the extended exhale breaths.

But you always knew whats best.

And I was good at the rest.

But I guess to conclude this all,

we'll say "It's our loss".

If theres one thing I'm content with,

It's the fact that I will,

Never see you again.

Unless it's an accident.

So go, believe that you were right.

It works if it keeps you,

The hell out of my life.

So just stay, out of my life.

You always tried to get under my skin.

I know you loved to watch me squirm.

You and your two faced self,

Would take your turn,

Picking me apart.

I always, always, put you first,

Before I even thought of myself.

You always, always, knew what was best,

And I took care of the rest.
Track Name: Along The Lines
What goes on inside your head?

Do you think of all the things you said?

I'd rather not get caught in this again.

Just stop now, I can't pretend.

Your the one that made this mess,

So forgive me if I'm against to commence,

This shit again, why don't you understand,

There's only so much care I can dispense.

What's there to explain?

We're both not the same.

It's just hard to except the fact that you were,

The only one thats been there for so long.

And now your gone.

So I'll stop stating the obvious,

Move on again, and remember what I had.

It's funny how you thought I'd see,

through your games so easily.

It's funny how I finally saw,

what you were about all along.
Track Name: Clockwise
It's the little things that get to me.

But your not listening to what I have to say.

How could you forget about me so easily?

It's just not natural for human beings.

And I understand that most people normally change but,

I am still the same,

I am still the same.

I guess we cant lose,

What we never had.

And all this wasted time,

That I can't get back.

Now I've gotten over myself.

Kept faith and burrowed through Hell.

I've gotten over myself.

Relax your jaw,

Do anything but talk.

Your the last damn person I need to see,

So just turn your back,

And walk away.

Stop acting like you really care,

And do you honestly think I'm unaware?

Help yourself, and save the bullshit,

For somebody elses,

Broken Life.

All this time, It was wasted time.